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Inspect Before You List​


Selling your home is usually not fun and can be very stressful. One of the biggest stresses is when the potential buyer is finally ready to make the final offer, and it is, " Subject to home inspection. " This phase casts a blanket of uncertainty on your deal. In a competitive market, it can be even more stressful. If you get a home inspection done before you are listing you will have a detailed report of issues your home may have. This gives you the time to go through those issues and make the repairs or to decide if you want to leave them. Knowing the value of the repair is great when it comes time to make the sale. ​


When you list the home you can add the Move-In Certified sicker to your realtor sign. This can help attract potential buyers as they will know the home is already pre-inspected. I offer a service where I do the first home inspection, and then you can take care of any of the issues you want to. I will re-inspect the home when you are done and issue you a new report that you can give to your realtor. No more last minute surprises in the final minutes of negotiating. 

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