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Why Are Country Residential Properties Different? ​


Country residential properties offer some unique issues that urban properties generally don't have issues with. Most people understand that water and septic are usually not connected to the municipality. 


Water wells are a complex system of their own; they can change over time. There are a few simple tests that can be performed on the water well to help minimize any of these issues. I can do a basic water quality test on-site to get an idea of the water we are working with, Then I can do a full mineral, bacterial and nitrate/nitride test that most banks will require for a real-estate transaction. The latter test requires a few days to complete and can only be done on certain days. For those who would like it we also offer a basic flow test and shock chlorination service as well. ​


Septic systems are another area that requires attention. They are again a very complex system of their own. Distances of the tank to structures and location of the field is important. The slope of the land around the systems can have an effect also. ​


Both water wells, and septic systems require permits and are regulated. Modifications to the system or to the dwelling can cause the system to be out of spec and could result in an expensive mess. Other things like defendable areas, driveway access and emergency services are just a few things to take in order to consideration. 

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