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Preparing For Spring Melt


Here are a few of the things to remember for a spring melting season.


If you have a private water well on your property, it is a good idea when the weather warms up to clear the snow away from around your wellhead. Furthermore, take note of the drainage in the area of your well. You do not want the run off to drain towards your well. This can lead to contamination of the well water. This can be a particular issue with shallow wells. Nitrates and nitrides from fertilizer and bacteria from the run off can run down the side of the casing and get into your water source.


You may also want to shovel or use a snow blower to clear an area around your foundation to keep the run off away from your foundation. Again take note of the direction of drainage around the home. If it drains towards your home, then take whatever steps you need to redirect the water at least 6 to 10 feet away.


Ensure your roof drains extensions are in place and are not blocked by the snow. Drainage should extend at least 6 feet from the side of your home.


During a home inspection, your home inspector will have pointed out potential drainage issues, and it is a good idea to take care of any issues the inspector has found. Moisture penetration is a major problem for most home but can easily be remedied.


Be sure to check around areas with windows and doors. Ensure they are sealed properly and have no snow build up around them.


Decks and sheds are also a concern for snow damage. Snow loads may or may not have been factored into your deck or shed. It is a good idea to remove excess snow from these structures.

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