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Shock Chlorination For Private Water Well

Shock Chlorination is a service offered by Papa Mo's Home Inspections Ltd. This is also a service offered by most licensed  water well drilling companies. You can as well choose to perform shock chlorination yourself.


Here are a few helpful videos for you to see if you would like to learn more about the process.​


Papa MO's Home Inspections Ltd., is available to perform this service as part of your regular maintenance program. We would be happy to set up a schedule for your water well maintenance. Usually, the average well should be done at least once per annum, but if you note any changes in your water clarity, colour, or smell, we can come out and perform this service more often. ​In most cases shock chlorination will fix minor problems with the well.


If your well is having bigger issues, like low production or solids coming to surface, I recommend that you get in contact with a licensed water well driller and have them see what the best options are for your well. Sometimes wells may just need to be scrubbed or to have the pump replaced. A licensed water well driller has the tools to perform this type of service.

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