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 Types Of Inspections Offered

Basic Home Inspection

    -Single and multi family

    -Mobile Home (Including Crawlspace) 

    -Rural Property 


Private Water Well Inspections

    - Function Test

    - 200 gallon flow test 

    - Basic onsite water analysis (TDS, Hardness, Iron, PH, H2s, nitrate, Nitride and manganese 0.2mg/L or higher) 

    - Biological water test 

    - Metals and minerals test 

    - Water treatment equipment tests 


Basic Septic Tank and field inspection. (Non-AOWMA)

    - Check for field saturation, Basic function test of pump or syphon, Visual Inspection, Sludge gauging.

    - AOWMA Inspections can be arranged.


Radon testing 

    - Short term

    - Long Term


Mold testing


Asbestos Testing

Deck Inspections

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