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Who is Papa MO?


Hello! My name is Mark Obstfeld "Papa MO". I am the "Papa Bear" of Papa MO’s Home Inspections LTD. When I say, “For when you wish your Dad was there.” I want you to feel comfortable and reassured that I am here to help you feel that you are getting a home inspection you can trust.  I believe every home inspection should be done with care and attention, as if I was the one buying that home myself or for someone in my family. Papa MO's clients are treated as a valued part of the family. 

I got involved with the home inspection business because I wanted to bring  value to the home inspection report, to ensure you feel you have a document that means something about the largest purchase most people make. Some inspections are done quickly because the inspector is busy doing multiple inspections in one day. This can result in a report that misses out on valuable information.  I will take the time to do a full, thorough inspection and provide you with an informative and detailed report. I welcome and encourage my clients to join me when I do the inspection. 


Over the past 30 years I have bought, sold and renovated many homes. I have taken on many construction projects both inside and out. In doing so, I have discovered many “hidden” issues and have had to go through the process of sometimes costly repairs.  All homes have little fixes and repairs that need to be done and everyone deserves to feel confident that they are aware of these issues and larger fixes have not gone unnoticed. Nobody wants to experience buyers remorse when purchasing a home. 


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